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How it works

Energy waste

Do you find your energy bill too high? Do you have a feeling that energy use in your building is inefficient?


The first step is energy use measurement and analysis of the HVAC equipment. Based on this analysis, changes in the HVAC equipment are proposed.

Control and monitoring system modernization

The control and monitoring system is not working properly, there is no remote access, nobody knows how to configure it?


Many of older systems can be partially upgraded using modern PLCs. Modernization is cheaper that complete change of the monitoring and control system.

HVAC equipment

Degradation of HVAC equipment can cause result in efficient energy use or even more serious problems.


Many of HVAC equipment can be refurbished. Moreover, function of old HAVC can be substantially improved by modern technologies, e.g. installation of a frequency converter to an old AHU.

Responsible building operation

Building operation is not an easy task. Proper monitoring and control systems do not imply that the building is operated efficiently. Improperly sep-up parameters of a control system can lead to unnecessary energy waste.


Responsible building operation shall be based on proper combination of experience, modern technologies and active communication with building occupants.