About Us

Company Energocentrum plus, s.r.o. focuses on the following activities:

The history of the company goes back to 2003. The average number of employees is 60 full-time employees. Our company constantly collaborates with a number of external specialists and research institutions. Our company has a transparent ownership that enables a flexible management. We have the following licenses:

  • Providing of technical services
  • Engineering activities in capital construction
  • Assembly, repair and inspection of gas equipment
  • lumbing, heating
  • Installation, repair, inspection and testing of electrical equipment
  • Production of low voltage switchboards , batteries, cables and wires
  • Brokering
  • Intermediation of trade and services
  • Providing of software and consultancy in the field of hardware and software
  • Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences or social sciences
  • Data processing, database services, network management


Our company employs technicians with different qualifications such as heating technician, electrician, service engineer, operational chemist, power engineer and others technicians. The operated equipments are mainly gas hot water boilers and steam boilers, heat exchangers, heating systems in buildings, air handling units, chillers, cogeneration units, power backup systems and others, less standard, technical equipments.

The research and development team of our company consist of 12 employees with expertise in software development (C/C++, C#,  .net, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Matlab, …). The team focuses mainly on development of unique tools for building operation and monitoring. These tools are labeled as “RcWare”.