Building operation


Well designed and maintained HVAC equipment is crucial for the efficient building operation. Quality of monitoring and control system is also of a great importance.

Qualified technicians

Various technicians are required for the efficient building operation. Degradation of HVAC appliance has to be identified and handled by service technicians. More severe problems have to be solved by qualified technicians (programmer, electrician, machinist, welder …). Energocentrum Plus has a team of experienced technicians with all required qualifications.


In order to deal with potential failures of HVAC systems, various diagnostic tools are needed. We use thermo-vision camera, dataloggers, IR thermometers, oscilloscope, data analyzer, manometer, compressor and many other tools. We also have many spare parts of HVAC appliance on stock. This enables as to fix HVAC system failures without major discomfort of occupants.