We develop software for monitoring, control and building operation. Our main goal is to make the best of our deep knowledge of monitored and controlled technologies and create software that technicians value as a good everyday tool.

Most of our products are marketed under the RcWare brand and can be found on the separate site


RcWare SoftPLC – general, multipurpose control system that speaks over 30 different protocols and can run on proprietary controllers as well as commodity Windows or Linux computers.

RcWare DB – highly optimized, specialized database for measurement trends. RcWare DB can work as the optimization and data compression layer on top of SQL databases (MS SQL, Postgres, MySQL), MongoDB or use custom storage solution.

RcWare Vision – traditional SCADA with number of unique features.


RcWare SoftPLC Proxy – unique solution that allows controllers to communicate through the Internet without a need of public IP addresses, open ports or other security risks.

RcWare Weather Forecast – custom solution to make weather forecast data easily available in any internet connected controller

RcWare DB Hosting – we can take a very good care of your historical data. Cheaper than buying your own server, ever decreasing price, always use the latest software version with the latest features. These are the key advantages of hosted solution.