Operation of power utilities and building

  • Operation of power equipment for Czech technical university in Prague, faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and faculty of Architecture areas Dejvice, Karlovo nam. and Horská street.
  • Operation of heat sources  General University hospital in Prague for Siemens company
  • Operation of energy and steam boiler 22 t / h in VUAB Pharma  a.s. company
  • Operation of heat management in complex Albertov - CTR Group
  • Operation of the heat source of  NsP Louny for KA Contracting ČR , s.r.o. company
  • Heat supply and operation of air conditioning system of garage for multifunctional building Chotovická 1788, Prague 8
  • Operation block gas boiler Zbudovská 760/1 , Prague 4
  • Operation block gas boiler Kavalírka
  • Heat supply , operation of air conditioning systém and management of  wiring for Educational and Psychological Consultation, Francouzská 76, Prague 10
  • Heat supply for residential and non-residential building Štefánikova , Prague 5
  • Operation of heat management of logistics complex Viator & Vektor Měšice
  • Operation of the boiler house Francouzská 74

Selected instalations of RcWare system

  • Czech technical university in Prague,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Transportation Sciences; Monitoring of air conditioning system and energy: Dejvice, Karlovo nám. and Horská, complete supervision (24/7)
  • ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. - factory Kvasiny; Dispatching energy system - heating, air conditioning, cooling water, compressor and other supporting technology, 30,000 data points, SQL, TCP clients, various PLCs (SAIA, SAUTER, SIEMENS)
  • Clinica segrada esperanca - Luanda – Angola; Delivery and implementation control and monitoring of power systems, application of Active Power's flywheel uninterruptible power supply, SoftPLC Domat management with monitoring operations from the control room Prague over the Internet
  • VUAB Pharma Roztoky, a.s.; Integration of energy monitoring systems and production systems fermentation

Custom SW development

  • ComAp, spol. s r. o.: online internet monitoring technology for the global application of Da
  • Řetězárna, a.s. - Česká Ves: Management and evaluation of hardness and tensile tests
  • Revmatologický ústav: web database application for international research